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Prius on Compressed Natural Gas: It can be even more economical!

The latest most economical car in the world: the Toyota Prius on Compressed Natural Gas. Prins Autogassystemen has in close cooperation with GPL Doctor Italia Srl and Assauto S.r.l converted the hybrid (electricity and petrol) engine of the Prius to CNG, therefore it is possible to drive on electricity and natural gas. The results are startling!
The emission of carbon particles is zero and the CO2-emission is only 84 gram per kilometer. This is 21 gram less than the normal Prius emission.

The Prius on natural gas is not just another prototype, promising to be the most economical car, where expectations are higher than the genuine performance, but it proves to be real. There are two CNG tanks in the boot with a total of 45 liters. These 45 liters will cater for about 250 kilometers, in addition to the capacity of the accumulator.
This car is a real frontrunner against environmental problems. Zero emission of carbon particles and a CO2-concentration which is much lower than in any other existing car, therefore much less problematic concerning ‘global warming’.